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I am a Brooklyn based photographer and videographer. My focus is portraiture and concert photography. 

I was born and raised in Brentwood, NY; a diverse immigrant community, and a far cry from the standard assumption about Long Island. Growing up in Brentwood influenced my voice as a person and an artist. 

I graduated from SUNY Potsdam, a small school at the northeastern top of New York State . With the the Adirondacks as my backyard, I learned to slow down and appreciate the beauty in every little moment.


When it comes to photography I see every subject as a performer in their own story. Not just musicians, but the athlete to the commuter, and everyone in between. My goal is to capture their performance as authentically as possible.

I'm so glad I used Charlie for my headshots. He was efficient, professional, and made me feel totally comfortable. He turned around the photos quickly, and they came out so great! I've used them for all of my professional needs ever since.

Rachel Simon

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